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With a wide range of price points available, the number of places where resin flooring systems can be used in industrial and commercial settings is practically endless. Concrete floors can be protected from damage caused by spills and chemicals by having resin flooring installed. There is the option of applying it in either a non-slip finish for safety reasons or a decorative finish to improve the overall look of the workplace. 

Epoxy Floorings Dubai has many years of experience installing industrial resin floor systems, from the initial sealer layer to the final, thicker trowel-applied resin floor screed. Epoxy, polyurethane, and acrylic are three common categories used to categorize the many resin flooring systems on the market. When deciding on a resin flooring system, several variables should be considered, as the various resins offer varying application characteristics and through-life performance combinations.

Why do many people prefer resin flooring?

resin flooring

The resin coating prevents stains from occurring in most common foods. The floor is safe enough for kids to use while cooking. Resin has excellent adhesion and can be used to cover a variety of surfaces, including concrete, old tiles, and even wood floors, provided the subfloor is prepared correctly. Epoxy resin coating is watertight, so it won’t get damaged by either little spills or floods, making it ideal for protecting against water damage. 

A one-of-a-kind design feature of epoxy is that it can be applied evenly to offer your kitchen a sleek, contemporary appearance. It’s your choice whether you want a matte or glossy treatment because both are available. Epoxy has a lifespan of over 20 years, making it one of the longest-lasting surfaces. Installing your new floor will only take a few days so you can return to your kitchen routine as soon as possible.

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Areas of application for resin flooring

  • Warehouse floors
  • Light-duty industrial floor
  • Wall coating that doesn’t stain
  • Water tank hygienic & washable coating
  • Flooring for plants that make drugs, food, or milk
  • Residential flooring, bathroom & toilet walls, and non-skid flooring

Why choose Epoxy Floorings Dubai for buying epoxy resin flooring?

Here at Epoxy Floorings Dubai, we can help you get the best resin flooring system for your needs at an affordable price. The quality of surface preparation before laying a resin flooring system is crucial to the application’s success. Surface preparation is an integral element of our process, and we apply this philosophy to every job. We want your resin flooring project to go as smoothly as possible. When it comes to resin floor coating services, we’re the industry leaders.

Professional resin flooring services are provided with only safe, certified supplies. We use trained applicators that adhere to our rigorous criteria to guarantee the proper system is installed. Given the extreme temperature typical of Dubai, the offered service is favored over epoxy floor coverings due to their superior elasticity. Our trained experts with a wealth of experience offer these services at a more affordable price. Also, we provide the fastest and safest installation process without disturbing your comfort.