Make Every Surface Shine With Epoxy Painting


Epoxy paint is the flooring solution that results from the chemical reaction between epichlorohydrin and bisphenol-A. Epoxy paint can often save you a lot more money than other floor coatings, and it looks great and has a smooth surface.

Available In Various Colors

There are many different colors and styles of epoxy coatings to choose from. The epoxy coating we make and sell has a high-gloss finish and looks nice. We make sure to meet your needs for epoxy coatings by offering a huge range of styles and colors. You can choose based on your preferences and your budget.

Flooring Applications For Epoxy Paints 

epoxy painting

Being a Dubai-based epoxy paintings manufacturing company, we are also well-known as the leading and most trusted Epoxy Flooring Contractor for providing epoxy coatings for concrete floors applications like industrial plants, hangers, showrooms, warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail stores, hospitals, etc.

Advantages Of Epoxy Paints 

  • Eco-friendly and safe for use with drinking water.
  • Breathable coat, which prevents blisters.
  • Resistance to mild chemicals, oils, and water.
  • It makes a smooth surface that is easy to clean.
  • It makes a surface dust-proof and shiny, or it can be made available in a non-slip variety for tiling.
  • Waterproofs by actually improving the quality of Concrete.
  • You can choose from green, yellow, red, or grey. Custom colors can be supplied.
  • Plan patterns that could be used in the treatment.
  • Resistance to micro-organisms due to incorporation of special anti-microbe additives. 
  • Good stain resistance.

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How Long Will Epoxy Paint Last If It Is Taken Care Of?

Polyaspartic epoxy paint on the garage floor can add something new to your space, whether you want to make it the best place to show off your cars, a cool place to store things, or even a home office. Depending on the additives in a coating, the amount of foot traffic drops, wear from vehicles, and other factors, a properly maintained epoxy garage floor painting can last anywhere from two to ten years. If you contract with Epoxy Floorings Dubai and benefit from our use of polyaspartic flooring, your epoxy garage floor will be guaranteed for a minimum of twenty years.

How Long Does The Epoxy Paint On The Garage Floor Last With A Car On It?

How long an epoxy floor lasts depends on whether you install it or hire a pro. Professional installers have access to professional-grade materials, while materials available for DIY projects are especially vulnerable to peeling, delamination, and other damage. Most of the time, a DIY epoxy painting will cost a lot to fix in the long run, while a job done by a professional, even if it costs more upfront, is a better value in the long run. If you want your epoxy floor to last a long time, paying for professional epoxy paint installers at the beginning of the project is best.

Epoxy Floorings Dubai – Leading Manufacturer Of Epoxy Painting In Dubai

Are you looking for the best manufacturers of epoxy coatings in Dubai? Epoxy Floorings Dubai is the best place to find your desired epoxy coating. You can use our made-to-order epoxy paints for both business and industrial purposes. These are long-lasting coatings that you can use multi purposely. For the right installation and lifespan, partner with our professional installers, and be sure to sweep daily and apply a gentle floor cleaning solution once per week.